Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Decorative block retaining wall was laid at Ann Arbor residence.

​House and Foundation

Ann Arbor home chimney rebuild. Bricks were torn down and relaid. The flue and flue liner were replaced.

​Brick or Block Repairs, Rebuilds, Tuckpointing, Caps, Flues, Flue Liners, Flashing, Caulking, Water Proofing, and Plastering

​Tuckpointing, Repairs, Rebuilds, New Stonework, Cobblestone, and Splitstone

​Walkways, Driveways, Patios, and Face Lifting with Pavers

​Retaining Walls

​Porches and Steps

The corner of an Ann Arbor home had cracks in the bricks. Grammatico Masonry repaired by replacing some bricks and doing tuckpointing repairs.

​Full Bathroom Remodel, Tile, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, and Drywall

​Rebuilds, Precast or Pour Cement Steps, Brick Steps, Brick Repairs, and Water Proofing

Complete bathrrom remodel. New bathtub, tile shower, sink and vanity. The toilet was moved. New plumbing and electrical. A linen closet was built and a new tile floor was laid.
Stone work at an Ann Arbor home. Stones were removed and relaid with bew grouting.


Our services

​Repair Leaks in Foundation, Cement Plastering of Interior and Exterior of Foundation, Michigan Basement Repairs (stone basement repairs), Basement Glass Block Windows, and Full Basement Remodels

​New Walls with or without Cement Footings, Repair Existing Walls, Brick, Block, Hardscape, Stone, and Wood

​Bathroom Remodels

Home brick porch was covered over in cement. Steps were poured to make a beautiful entrance way.

​Paving Brick

Small paving brick patio off of deck. Decorative circle design laid in the center and water proofed.